Hobart- MONA museum 霍巴特-新旧艺术博物馆

Talking about the most famous attractions in Horbat, Tasmania, it has to be Museum of  Old and New Art, which surrounded by vineyards of Moorilla Estates. Both of them are owned by Tasmanian millionarie- David Walsh. His second wife – artist Kirsha Kaechele is the curator of MONA now, and they got their baby – Sunday Walsh in 2014.

说到塔斯马尼亚霍巴特最著名的旅游景点,莫过于新旧艺术博物馆了,它矗立于一片葡萄园中-Moorilla Estate,拥有者是塔斯马尼亚超级富豪-David Walsh。他的第二任艺术家妻子 Kirsha Kaechele目前担任MONA 的馆长,4年前他们有了小 baby- Sunday Walsh.

In 2001, he founded the Moorilla Museum of Antiquities on the Berriedale peninsula in Hobart, which closed in 2007 to undergo $75 Million renovations. It was re-opened in January 2011 as the Museum of Old and New Art or MONA. MONA won the 2012 Australian Tourism Award for best new development and is a major Tasmanian tourist attraction.

2001年,David 在霍巴特Berriedale 半岛成立了Moorilla 古董艺术品博物馆,2007年斥资澳币7500万整修,2011年1月开张之时便成为 新旧艺术博物馆了-MONA。MONA 赢得2012年澳大利亚最新发展旅游大奖,且是塔斯马尼亚主要的旅游景点。

The single-story building appears at street level dominated by its surroundings, but interior processes a spiral staircase that leads down to three larger levels of labyrinth displaying spaces built into the side of cliffs around Berriedale peninsula. The decision to build it largely underground was taken, according to Walsh, to preserve the heritage setting of the two Roy Grounds houses on the property. Walsh has also said that he wanted a building that “could sneak up on visitors rather than broadcast its presence … ‘a sense of danger’ that would enliven the experience of viewing art”. Most visitors approach by ferry up the River Derwent.

这个仅一层的建筑在路边并不显眼,但是内部旋转的楼梯引领着游者到达三层更大的迷宫般的空间,这些空间建筑在 Berriedale半岛的悬崖旁。做这个设计取决于 Walsh,以保护资产范围内 建筑家 Roy Grounds 的两个遗迹。Walsh 也说到他想要一个建筑能“偷袭”到游客,而非张扬它本身的存在。“危险的感觉”能够使视觉艺术更佳生动。大多数游客通过渡轮到达博物馆。

There are no windows and the atmosphere is intentionally ominous. On entering the museum, visitors descend a “seemingly endless flight of stairs”, an experience one critic compared with “going down into Petra”. To see the art, the visitor must work back upwards towards the surface, a trajectory that has been contrasted with the descending spiral that many visitors follow in New York’s Guggenheim Museum.


Operational costs of A$8 million per annum are underpinned by the winery, brewery, restaurant and hotel on the same site. In May 2011, it was announced that the museum would end its policy of free entry and introduce an entry fee to interstate and overseas visitors while remaining free for Tasmanians.

MONA also offers an unusual membership program called “Eternity Membership”, which not only includes lifetime free admission but notably earns members the right to be cremated and their remains housed in the MONA Cemetery. Please refer to : https://mona.net.au/stay/cinerarium


MONA 同时提供一个非寻常的“终身会员”项目,不仅终身免费进入博物馆,而且特别提供会员MONA 墓地用来埋葬火化后的遗体。请参考:https://mona.net.au/stay/cinerarium

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