Auckland Wine Region

Auckland wine region is a small wine region with only around 800 acres of vineyard and produces around 1% of New Zealand wine. The region produces some of the finest Chardonnay grape variety in the country, which is also the most planted grape variety. As the warmest wine region in New Zealand, red grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc are also planted here. Soil are mostly heavy clay with some volcanic-derived soil. In recent years, the hotter temperature is allowing winemakers to experiment Italian and Spanish grapes such as Sangiovese, Albarino, Temperanillo and even Nebbiolo. The sub-regions of Auckland contain Waiheke Island, Kumeu and Katakana.

奥克兰产区是新西兰的一个仅拥有800英亩地左右的小产区,生产整个新西兰大约1%的葡萄酒。但是这个生产新西兰最好之一的霞多丽,霞多丽也是这个产区种植最广发的葡萄品种。作为新西兰最温暖的产区,红葡萄品种像赤霞珠,梅洛,品丽珠等等也有种植。粘土和火山衍生土壤广泛分布。最近,变暖的气候促使酒庄开始试验一些意大利和西班牙品种:桑乔维斯,阿尔芭妮诺,丹魄甚至内比奥洛。奥克兰的子产区有三个,分别是:Waiheke Island, Kumeu 和 Katakana。

Kumeu is a small sub-region around 30 minutes northwest of Auckland and is most notable for its Chardonnay, which makes up 85% of the vineyard. Famous wineries include Kumeu River, Slogans, Hunter Lodge etc.

The current owner of Kumeu River Winery is Michael James Brajkovich MW, whose parents established the winery. It is lucky to meet him and taste one of the best Chardonnay in New Zealand- classic Burgundy style, as well as great Pinot noir and other wines.

Kumeu 是一个位于奥克兰西北部约30分钟的小产区,霞多丽最为有名,占据了85%的葡萄园面积。著名的酒庄包括 Kumeu River, Slogans, Hunter Lodge 等等。Kumeu River 酒庄现任的庄主是葡萄酒大师 Michael James Brajkovich,他的父母建立起了这个酒庄。很幸运遇见了庄主并且品尝了新西兰最好的霞多丽之一-典型的勃艮第风格-优雅细腻,酒庄的黑皮诺也非常不错。

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