Marlborough Wine Region, New Zealand

Marlborough is the most famous wine region in New Zealand and produces 77% of the whole New Zealand’s wine. Located in the northeast part of Southern Island, this region owns 90% of the vineyard area of the country, and is famous for Sauvignon Blanc, which occupies 55% of the total wine production, and 80% of New Zealand wine is for exportation.


Marlborough’s alternating hot days and colds night results a freshness and aromatic complexity for its Sauvignon Blanc, with pungent and unique tropic fruit flavors and grassy notes. One wine critic- George M. Taber, Judgment of Paris (New York, Scribner, 2005) said, “no other region in the world can match Marlborough, the northeastern corner of New Zealand’s South Island, which seems to be the best place in the world to grow Sauvignon blanc grapes.”

马尔堡交替的温暖白天和凉爽夜晚给他的长相思带来了新鲜和芳香的复杂风味,形成了独有的刺鼻的热带水果和青草气息。葡萄酒评论家George M. Taber (巴黎审判评委)说:“世界上没有其他任何产区能够与这个新西兰南岛东北角的马尔堡相比,这里是世界上出产长相思最好的产区。”

Cloudy Bay – owned by MHD puts New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc on the world map. The silt soil has bad drainage, resulting powdery mildew, excess vigor and other fungus disease. Canopy management is vital for maintaining a healthy vineyard. Better quality wines are from stony and shallow soil providing better drainage and resulting deeper roots. The birds damage is another serious problem, New Zealand falcon was raised to prevent birds damage to the vineyards.


It was Montana wines (now Brancott Estate and owned by Pernord Ricard) purchased around 1000 hectares of land during 1970s and revived the wine production in Marlborough. Other famous wineries includes Oyster Bay, Villa Maria, Framingham (famous for its various style of Riesling), Wither Hills etc.

Montana 酒庄在1970 年代购买了当地大约1000英亩的葡萄园,从此振兴了葡萄酒行业。这个酒庄现在叫做Brancott Estate,被酒业巨头Pernord Ricard 拥有。其他著名的酒庄包括 Oyster Bay, Villa Maria, Framingham (famous for its various style of Riesling), Wither Hills 等等。

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