Coal River Valley wines, Tasmania, Australia

Some local winemakers think of Tasmania as “The Champagne of the southern hemisphere”. Although this island makes some really exciting fine sparking wines, it really has much more to offer than that. Its Chardonnay has a mineralily, which is idea for unbaked version; the Pinor Noir is elegant and classic to be compared with Yarra Valley; the off-dry Riesling offers more fineness than anything outside of Germany’s Mosel; while the Sauvignon Blanc is beginning to challenge those of Marlborough in New Zealand.


Tasmania is located 100 miles south of Victoria, sharing similar cool climate condition (Ia & Ib) to Marlborough (Ib). However, Tamar Valley near Launceston and Coal River Valley near Hobart are even warmer than parts of Vicroria (II & III). In the north, clay over gravel soil is prevailed, while more sandy and sandstone in the south.

塔斯马尼亚位于澳大利亚维多利亚100英里以南,跟马尔堡有着相似的凉爽气候条件。可是,位于 Launceston 附近的 Tamar Valley 和 Hobart 附近的 Coal River Valley 却比岛上任何产区都要温暖。北部的土壤以粘土覆盖砾石为主,南边则是沙石土。

Coal River Valley is the warmest exception in the South, with temperatures in places matching those of the Tamar Valley in the north. This enables the production of some of Tasmania’s most succulent Pinot Noir, as well as its raciest Riesling. It is also the only place in Tasmania where produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Domaine A- owned by Morilla Estate (in Museum of Old and Modern Art) is renowned for its Bordeaux blend.

Coal River Valley 是南边例外的最温暖的产区,与北部的 Tamar Valley 相似。使得此处出产岛上最为诱人的黑皮诺,还有活泼的雷司令。这儿也是塔斯马尼亚唯一出产赤霞珠和梅洛的产区。Domaine A (Morilla Estate拥有,新旧艺术博物馆附近)出产的波尔多混酿相当有名且具有很好的陈年潜力。

Wobbly Boot Estate-  a small family owned winery is the only wide life preservative winery in Australia, at least 3 platypus living in the creek by the vineyard. The owner protects golden finch and other birds nesting in vines, as well as other animals on property.

Wobbly Boot Estate 家族酒庄是澳大利亚唯一一家保护野生动物的酒庄,在酒庄内的小溪里住着至少三只鸭嘴兽。庄主还极力保护在葡萄藤里安家的金丝雀等小鸟,以及其他的动物。

Pooley Estates produces super premium Burgundy style Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from different soils in estate, a must try!

Pooley Estates 出产令人惊艳的勃艮第风格 霞多丽和 黑皮诺,来自庄园内不同土壤的风味都不一样,一定要亲自来品尝!

Puddle Duck Winery has a great scenery with sheep and chicken raising in the vineyards.

Puddle Duck 酒庄酒色优美,喷泉,野餐,还有各种小动物畅游在葡萄园间。

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