Yarra Valley Wine Region

Yarra Valley is the most famous wine Producing region in Victoria, and is Australia’s Answer to Burgundy. Although Victoria state is the smallest in Australia, it is second only to South Australia for the volume of wine produced, and is by far the most diverse in terms of cool-climate terroirs and the styles of premium-quality wine made.


Yarra Valley is located in the northeast side of Melbourne, around 1 hour’s drive between. It benefits from the costal cool climate and long growing season. The vines grow on grey-brown loam soil- south and red volcanic soil- north. This region started viticulture practices from the beginning of 19th century, experienced depression from Phylloxera in the late 19th, shifted to fortified wine in the start of 20th, until the latest and most successful revival when wine critic James Halliday came to plant his Coldstream Hills in 1985. It was Halliday more than anyone else made consumers believe in Yarra Valley’s Pinot Noir. It also helped the establishment of Domaine Chandon a few years later.

雅拉谷位于墨尔本东北边,开车大约一个小时。产区受益于凉爽海岸气候以及漫长的葡萄成长季节。南部拥有灰棕色壤土,北部是红色火山土。这个产区自从19世纪前期就开始葡萄种植,经历了19世纪末期的葡萄根瘤蚜虫灾害,到20世纪初期加强型葡萄酒的转变,直到1985年,James Halliday 重新振兴了葡萄酒行业,他建立了自己的Coldstream Hills 酒庄。Halliday 比任何人都坚信雅拉谷的黑皮诺质量。这也帮助了 Domaine Chandon 在此建立了起泡酒酒庄。

Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are also planted here, but it was Pinot Noir that caused the most excitement, Shiraz and Merlot are also very good. Famous wineries include Rocherford, Coombsville, Yering Station, Mount Mary etc.

这里也种植赤霞珠和霞多丽,可是黑皮诺还是最让人振奋的品种,西拉子和梅洛也不错。著名的酒庄包括 Rocherford, Coombsville, Yering Station, Mount Mary 等等。

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