Margaret River Wine Region

玛格丽特河产区位于西澳大利亚,毗邻 Busselton 和Perth。整个西澳地区只拥有整个澳大利亚7%的葡萄园,可是只生产3%的葡萄酒。另外的仅有的一个葡萄园面积大于所产葡萄酒的产量的产区是维多利亚。总体来说,西澳炎热强风,Perth北部的天鹅谷是世界上最炎热的产区之一。近期,人们把注意力转移到了更加凉爽的地带例如玛格丽特河产区和西澳的南部。

Margaret River Winer Region is located in south of Perth and Busselton, Western Australia, which owns 7% vineyards of the whole country but crushes only 3% of the grapes. Besides WA, the only other state that harvest a smaller percentage of the country’s crop than its vineyards represent is Victoria. In general, WA is hot and windy, Swan Valley in north of Perth is considered one of the hottest wine regions allover the world. Recently, the attention is moving to regions cooler such as Margaret River and Southern part of WA.

玛格丽特河生产顶级葡萄酒,提供给葡萄酒爱好者经典且优雅风格的葡萄酒,而不是厚重和冠冕堂皇的。1978年玛格丽特河成为了澳大利亚第一个原产地命名产区,而吸引了世界的注意。可是和其他类似条例一样,并不成功。而是1967年 Tom Cullity 创办的Vasse Flex 酒庄把玛格丽特河推向了成功。

Margaret River produces premium wines for the wine lovers who seek for class and elegance, rather than weight and glory. It was in 1978 Margaret River attracted much attention when it established Australia’s first Origin of Appellation System, like similar scheme, it was unsuccessful. However, it was Tom Cullity who established Vasse Flex in 1967 brought Margaret River Wine region to success.


The climate is Mediterranean climate with rainy Autumn and Winter, and dry Summer, which causes water shortage problems, while the well- drained sandy-loam soil augments the problem. Relatively minor problems here except dry Summer,  notably power mildew, parrots and wind. The powder mildew seems to be under control, and Sunflowers are planted to distract Parrots, while Rye grass act as windbreak.


The greatness of Margaret River can’t be disputed. The main grape varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Minor varieties include Cabernet Franc, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir and Muscat d’Alexandrie.


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