Waiheke Island Wines

Waiheke Island (激流岛) 是位于Auckland 东部的一个小岛,是Auckland 最有名的葡萄酒产区,岛上居住了30余家酒庄。这个岛也是诗人顾城和其家人生活且离世的地方。

Waiheke Island is located in the east side of Auckland. It is the most famous wine region in Auckland and home to more than 30 wineries. Famous Poet Cheng Gu and his family used to live in this island and spent their magic life.

湿热且强风的小岛属于海洋性气候,搭船从Auckland port 40分钟就可到达,是城市人周末度假的好去处。小岛很商业化,拥有强大的公交系统,当然也可以租车。酒庄旅游是小岛的主要经济支撑,酒价达到新西兰最高点。著名的酒庄包括 Stonyridge Vineyard, Man O’War Vineyards, Mudbrick Restaurant and Vineyards, Cable Bay Vineyards, Casita Miro 等等。

Maritime climate with high humidity and strong wind,  it takes only around 40 minutes’ ferry from port of Auckland. It is a very commercial island, with developed public transportation system and car rental business. Wineries are the main business, and the price of the wine reaches the highest point in the whole New Zealand. Famous wineries include Stonyridge Vineyard, Man O’War Vineyards, Mudbrick Restaurant and Vineyards, Cable Bay Vineyards, Casita Miro etc.

你可以到 Stonyridge Vineyard 品尝岛上第一家酒庄所酿的酒,也可以品尝到新西兰最贵的酒-Larose,这是一款波尔多混酿,售价依据年份不同高达200到600 新西兰币。庄主怀特先生是岛上知名的酿酒师,远赴法国名庄学习,带来了波尔多最先进的酿酒技术,也是于80年代第一位开垦岛上的葡萄园先锋。他的理念是酿造顶级葡萄酒,因此他精心打造的 Larose 价格也飙到新西兰第一。

You can choose Stonyridge Vineyard to taste wines from the 1st winery in island, and the most expensive wine in New Zealand- Larose, which is a Bordeaux blend, the price ranges from NZD 200-600 according to vintage. Winery owner Mr. White is a famous winemaker. He brought back the most advanced winemaking technic from famous Chateaux in Bordeaux, and opened the first winery in this island in 80s. He insists on making premium wines, so his Larose became the most expensive wine in New Zealand.

你也可以到 Mudbrick Restaurant and Vineyards 的高处欣赏远方海洋的美景,品尝岛上最好餐厅的美食。

You can also choose Mudbrick Restaurant and Vineyards for the great ocean views from the high point, and taste delicious food from one of the best restaurant in island.

你还可以试试 Casita Miro 西班牙高迪风格的建筑,彩色碎瓷砖和桌椅,在楼上的露天花园远眺,啜饮酒庄多样风格的葡萄酒。

You can try Casita Miro, which is a winery decorated with Spanish artist and architect – Gaudi style, with colorful broken glass and porcelain, sitting in the open-air garden upstairs and watching the ocean views, and tasting multiple styles of wine from the winery.

甚至还可以延葡萄园小道从 Casita Miro 走到 Obsidium winery,感受车库酒庄的小而美。

You can even walk along the vineyard trail from Casita Miro to Obsidium winery, and experience the small but beautiful garage winery.

Waiheke Island center 是一家集中了岛上所有酒庄葡萄酒的商店,提供按杯试饮,一定要来全面品尝一番。

Waiheke Island center is a store gathering all the Waiheke Island wines, and offers tasting from tasting machine. It is a must come place.


The grape varieties are dominated by international varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and small amout of Viognier, Sangiovese, Malbec etc.

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