Institute of Masters of Wine Symposium 2018, Logroño, Spain





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Institute of Masters of Wines Symposium is held once every four years in a wine growing region of different countries. This year is in Logroño, Rioja, Spain. The Spanish Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment & Secretary General of La Rioja & Chairman of IMW- James Masters MW  made welcome speeches.

葡萄酒大师协会研讨会每四年举办一次,在世界不同国家的产酒区。今年在西班牙里奥哈产区的洛格罗尼奥市。西班牙农业,渔业,食品与环境部长,拉里奥哈秘书长以及葡萄酒大师学院主席 James Masters MW 做了欢迎致辞。



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The welcome dinner was held in the Bullring of Logroño, with traditional Spanish culture. A selection of more than 150 wines from Spain were presented. The event started with a walk around tasting followed by a cocktail reception with traditional tapas. The dinner was prepared by local Michelin 1 star chef- the Echapresto brothers from Venta Moncalvillo. Grammy awards winner had a musical performance in the evening.




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The panel discussion and walk around tasting were held in Rioja Forum. The fonder of Liv-ex- London- James Miles and the most famous Counterfeit authoritative MW & fine and rare wine consultant – Maureen Downey joined the panel discussion- “Fraud and fiction”. Maureen pointed out China is the biggest counterfeit wine market- 40% wines are fake,and not limited to fine and rare wine!

白天的小组讨论在里奥哈论坛举行。伦敦Liv-ex 的创办人James Miles先生,以及世界著名的打假葡萄酒大师& 名贵稀有葡萄酒咨询家Maureen Downey女士做了关于“假冒伪劣葡萄酒”的评论,并指出中国是世界上最大的假酒流通国,市场上约有40%是假酒!且不仅仅存在于名贵酒中!

The panel discussion also discussed comtempary topics such as the climate change, the influence of microbes to wine- Dr. Laura (Owner of Catena Zapata, Mendoza, Argentina) joined. And we tasted some of the most rare wines from Spain- Pingus, Vega Sicilia Unico, 1931 Pedro Ximenez etc., as well as some interesting international wines- Aoyun from China etc., presented by Maxine Dulou- estate Manager of Aoyun.

小组研讨会也讨论了现代流行的葡萄酒话题-气候变化&微生物对葡萄酒的影响-阿根廷膜拜酒庄庄主劳拉博士参与了讨论。我们在品鉴会上也品尝了西班牙最珍贵稀有的葡萄酒-西班牙膜拜酒-Pingus, 西班牙酒王-Vega Sicilia Unico, 1931 的Pedro Ximenez甜酒等等。还尝到了世界其他国家的有趣的酒,例如来自香格里拉的奥云,由奥云酒庄的项目经理和酿酒师做了详细介绍。



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The dinner of the second day was hosted by different wineries in Rioja. We were separated to small groups and transferred to “secret winery”. I was lucky to attend Ramon Bilbao’s luxurious wine tasting and dinner. The Michelin chef who cooked in the bullring came to the winery with his team and cooked for us! The winery owner showed us the cellar, held a tasting with their best wines and introduced in details about his winemaking philosophy. The dinner began with a cocktail and violin performance(the violin was made from old barrels!) , then a sited meal. Everything was just perfect! We tasted old vintage 1982 Ramon Bilbao Grand Reserva.




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The Gala dinner was held in the world famous winery- “Marques de Riscal” in the heart of Rioja. The century old vineyard fuses with titanium, skillfully shaped architecture was designed by Franck O. Gehry. A selection of wines by prestigious wineries, matched by the finest culinary creations of chef Francis Paniego, holder of three Michelin stars. A night full of wine, food, music and dance. The gala dinner is the perfect final evening to the Living Wine Symposium.

庆祝晚宴在里奥哈中心位置的举世著名的Marques de Riscal酒庄举办。上百年的葡萄园中点缀着绸缎般飘逸的钛合金制作的建筑,在阳光下灼灼生辉,其设计师为Franck O. Gehry。精选西班牙最尊贵酒庄的葡萄酒,搭配米其林三星厨师-Francis Paniego的创意菜。一个充满了葡萄酒,美食,音乐和舞蹈的美妙夜晚。这个完美的晚宴为此届葡萄酒大师协会研讨会画上了完美的句号。



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Such an honor to meet so many MWs from the world- over 1/3 (130) MWs were attending the Symposium!  And met the youngest MW- Victoria from London (when she passed the exam, she was the youngest MW, only 29!), the first MW from India- Sonia.

参加此次的研讨会是我毕生的荣幸,遇见里世界上超过1/3 (130多位)葡萄酒大师。遇见了世界上最年轻的葡萄酒大师-来自伦敦的维多利亚小姐(她通过时最年轻,仅29岁!)也遇见了印度第一位葡萄酒大师-Sonia.



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Logroño is a city full of Graffiti. Traditional buildings are preserved, embellished by modern elements. The narrow Calle Laurel is the most famous Tapa street, crowded with more than 50 Tapa restaurants! The Iberia ham is just yummy!

Looking forward to next IMW Symposium in Adelaide, Australia, 2022!



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